City you live in: Mission Viejo

Racing specialties: Cyclocross, XC

Top racing achievements/highlights in the last couple years: State and District Champ in ‘cross for the 2015-16 season, and finished the BC Bike Race in 11th after 7 stage (team duo class).

Racing goals for 2017: We're looking at the calendar - so many races. I'd like to podium at Sea Otter again, for sure.

Favorite local trail/ride: San Juan.

Favorite post-race meal/beverage: Something good - it’s gotta be good. 

New equipment purchases this year, and how they've added to your season: It’s not mtb, but SRAM’s e-tap is pretty fantastic.

What you're currently training for: Crusher in the Tushar! 

Something you never leave for a ride without: Garmin and my iPhone.

Favorite song that gets you pumped up for a big race/ride: Actually, We listed to podcasts on the drive to races, like Jim Harold’s Campfire Stories. It’s not a pump up thing… it’s really fun to listen to, though.

Bikes you ride/race: Santa Cruz 5010, Highball CC, Salsa Selma ti SS

Top racing achievements/highlights in 2016: 1st Place Solo Female SS 25 Hours Frog Hollow, 2nd Place Open Female Baja Ultra Endurance, 4th Place Female SS Whiskey 50, 2nd Place SoCal Enduro, 2nd Place 6 Hrs of Temecula. 

Racing goals for 2017: Podium Finish 24HOP Solo SS, Female SS Record at Counting Coup, check La Ruta in Costa Rica off my Bucket List.

What you love about racing for Troupe: As the newest member to the team, there are too many things I could write here. I think the first thing that effected me about Troupe has been the love and passion for mtb racing. The team's love and excitement for cycling as a whole is insanely contagious. The support I've felt, the friendships I've made, and the experiences that being a member of this team have given me have truly been life-changing. 

Favorite local trail/ride: Trabuco Trail

Favorite race so far this year and the result: Epic Rides' 24 Hrs Old Pueblo in Tuscon. Epic on so many levels.

Favorite post-race meal/beverage: Cold Sparkling Water. 2 liters of it.

New gear you’re pumped about for the upcoming season: The new Highball is a rocket ship! I can’t wait to get a new pair of RideFast Racing carbon hoops for it. And I’ve been really impressed with the new Kenda Sabers and the Smanie GP142 Carbon Saddle. The combo of those two make for a really comfortable day in the saddle.

What you're currently training for: 24HOP, and a 100 mile epic in the Santa Ana Mts that I’m planning.

Something you never leave for a ride without: Chapstick, and a Honey Stinger gel

Favorite song that gets you pumped up for a big race/ride: Beastie Boys "Sabotage"

You'll probably find Wilhelmina Zuckerman (Willie) out on her Santa Cruz Stigmata these days, training for what's sure to be an exciting 'Cross season for her amongst the Women's Elite class. She's had an epic year so far: finishing BCBR in 2016, becoming 2015 SoCal Cross Series Champion, B Field, and a huge 10th Place Finish at this year's Belgian Waffle Ride, to name a few. 

Bikes you ride/race: Santa Cruz Stigmata, Juliana Joplin

Racing Highlights in 2016: Belgian Waffle Ride (10th), Rim Nordic XC Series (2nd), SoCal Cross Series (2nd)

Racing Goals for 2017: Survive BWR (again), Downieville, and some out of town gravel grinders.

Favorite Race in 2016: Lost & Found gravel grinder (despite hydration issues).

What you’re currently training for: I’m training to start training...


If you ask Jeanine to tell you about her first few MTB rides a mere year and a half ago, she would undoubtably bring up the fact that, though she was brand new at the sport, she knew she wanted to experience more than just group rides.... She wanted to race. And race she did. She competed with the top 10 in her division at this year's Over The Hump race series, she took 2nd Overall in Rim Nordic this year, she's currently standing in 2nd Place in the SoCal Endurance 6 Hrs of Temecula Series, and she was the 2nd Female to cross the line at the Warrior's Society's Trabuco Challenge (her 2nd official race, in fact!) Quite an impressive racing resume for a seasoned veteran, let alone a first year racer.

This year's Trabuco Challenge was life-changing for her, and she says that it was, hands down, her favorite race so far. She's seemed to catch the Endurance bug. Next season she has big plans of upgrading her division, taking on some heavy-hitters in the form of Downieville, Vision Quest, and the Whiskey 50. She also hopes to tackle a few Enduro races.

Right now you'll find her putting in some hard training for this years' Grinduro gravel-grinder race, and the upcoming Counting Coup. On racing for Troupe, Jeanine didn't quite know where to start,"Troupe is so unique from everything else out there, and I knew I wanted to be a part of something special. Everyone shares the same passion of two wheels. Coaching, support, and friendships. What more could I ask for, the camaraderie is insane!"

After a race, you'll find her scarfing down pickles and a coke, swiftly followed by a cold Belgian Tripel, and you'll probably hear her pull up to any given race blasting AC/DC's "Hells Bells" through the car stereo. The live edition, of course.

Bike: new Santa Cruz Highball, with all the X Fusion fix'ins.

2016 racing highlights: 1st Counting Coup, 2nd Overall female in Warrior’s Society’s Queen of the Mountain Series,  SoCal Endurance series 1st place Overall in women's duo, and a Grinduro finish.

'17 goals: Improve my Counting Coup time, and gain experience in all the different races in our area.

Currently training for: Counting Coup, Whiskey 50 & Downieville!

Nickname : Travesty

Bikes: Santa Cruz Tall Boy, Santa Cruz Bronson

Recent racing highlights: Surviving. 1st place in some of the Rim Nordic races and a 6 hour solo podium, but '16 was a year of hard crashes and injuries.

Racing goals for 2017: Avoid injury!

Favorite race in '16: True Grit

Favorite post-ride meal: Flippin' Pizza

Currently training for: Counting Coup and True Grit

What he loves about racing for Troupe: It’s the best managed, best supported team in SoCal. Aside from having amazing sponsors, our core team of racers are amazing riders, and people I would hang out with anytime, even if Troupe were not part of our lives. I like racing. I love racing for Troupe.

Nickname: Moose - It's old Marine Corps thing.

City you live in: Upland

Racing specialties: XC and crashing

Bikes you ride/race: Santa Crux 5010c

Top racing achievements/highlights: Completing my first True Grit Epic 50 in 2015 was a significant turning point for me, I didn't finish particularly well, but that transformed what I thought a MTB race should be. Long, technical and hard. Always.

Racing goals for 2016: Generally getting more competitive for the longer distances. 2016 has been a little of transition year.

What you love about racing for Troupe: The group of racers, the camaraderie, and the healthy competition makes it a phenomenal group to be a part of.

Favorite local trail/ride: Hmmm. Local -  I have a love/hate relationship with Southridge Park in Fontana

Favorite race so far this year and the result: True Grit Epic 50 - 62nd, but felt so much better than 2015

Favorite post-race meal/beverage: CarboRocket Rehab

New equipment purchases this year, and how they've added to your season: Added the Santa Cruz 5010c this year and it's been amazing! I had only been on hardtails before, the 5010 totally changed the way I ride. It's light enough that I can still hammer the climbs, but when the trails tilts down, it's so much faster and way more fun.

What you're currently training for: 25hrs of Frog Hollow and the first stab at a cyclocross season.

Something you never leave for a ride without: CO2, Sunglasses and food. I can get hangry.

Favorite song that gets you pumped up for a big race/ride: Honor 2013 or Legion (Janus Version) from VNV Nation, depends on the day.

Nickname: JJ

Racing specialties: XC, Endurance, Enduro

Bikes he rides/races: Tallboy, Highball, Bronson, Cervelo S3

Racing Highlights: Sea Otter Classic 1st Place, Downieville Classic 1st Place, BC Bike Race - Two time finisher - 29th and 33rd Male Open, SoCal Endurance 6 Hours of Temecula Solo - 2nd Place, Counting Coup 6th Place. 

Racing goals for 2016: NUE Marathon Series Top 20 (not happening due to injury), Sea Otter Classic Podium (check), 25 Hours of Frog Hollow Podium (upcoming).

What he loves about racing for Troupe: Camaraderie, awesome sponsors, best teammates, small team with shared values.

Favorite local trail/ride: San Juan Trail

Favorite race so far this year: Sea Otter Classic!  It was a battle royale for the top step until the last descent where my skills (finally) helped create a gap.

Favorite post-race meal/beverage: Carbo Rocket Rehab followed by salmon and a nice porter.

New equipment purchases this year: New Santa Cruz Highball!  It's as fast as ever, but the new design is so playful, making racing even more fun.

What he's currently training for: 25 Hours of Frog Hollow

Favorite song that gets him pumped up for a big race/ride: Rise Against " Audience of One"

Tim began cycling in the 90's as cross training for his primary sport, speedskating. He quickly fell in love with bikes of all kinds and eventually made a career move into the cycling industry as the creative/art director for crankbrothers. His understanding of elite athletes, design and marketing, and the cycling industry is what lead to the creation of Troupe, and his new business, Cassette Creative.

While is primary racing discipline is XC, he loves endurance events, as well as road riding - which is how he began cycling in Michigan. 

"I just really like racing. The training, planning, and excitement of showing up to a race prepared and focused is something that I look forward to, probably too often. I'm a racing junkie...."

Favorite beer: Founders Dirty Bastard, or KBS

Favorite meal: Salmon on the grill, or Michelle's homemade pizza

Favorite ride: Powderface in Bragg Creek, Canada. 

INSTAGRAM / TWITTER : @trouperacingco

FACEBOOK : Troupe Racing