Now that the summer season is over, the team decided to sieze the moment, and take a trip out to Sedona for a mini training camp. The emphases would be on big rides and big scenery, improving some technical skills, and for some tuning up for the upcoming 25 Hours of Frog Hollow. 

Our basecamp for the weekend was a great VRBO located right near the Bike-n-Bean which provided a perfect location for all our rides to start and finish, cooking at "home", and an evening round of Cards Against Humanity. 

DAY 1 : 18 MILES

We jumped into a technically hard climb right out of the gate. Riding in Sedona is a full body experience and requires way more awareness and handeling than we're used to. There isn't much of an opportunity to zone out and turn the pedals – we're always looking ahead, reading the trail and figuring out where our tires need to go. 

We also were reminded that Sedona miles do not equal real miles. A 10 miles ride may not seem like much, but in Sedona, that can be a very demanding 10 miles. Maybe its the Sedona vortex...

DAY 2 : 28 MILES

We met up with Jason of Over The Edge for a guided epic ride through some of the finest. The highlights included creek crossings, being surrounded by a storm with thunder and lightening, and being rained on (we haven't seen rain in over a year), as well as the infamous HiLine trail. 

We closed the day with local cuisine and margaritas. Not bad...

DAY 3 : 20.5 MILES

By now, we were getting a bit sore, but this ride proved to be one of the best. It took away from where we'd been riding and into a whole new trail system with more rails along the ridges that dropped into green forests. For those that don't know, Sedona has a very unique feel. It's desert terrain with all the red rock, yet it also has a huge amount of green trees.


This was just a final quick spin, cut even shorter by a torn tire sidewall (but repaired with a Honey Stinger wrapper). We just couldn't get enough of the riding and the landscapes...

Tim VanGilder

mission viejo