What better way to spend a Sunday than riding with our crew, cx'ing over dirt trails and paved paths, and riding up to some local burrito stops along the route. We've had the idea to stop and sample for a while now, so since we're in an off season of sorts, we decided to make it happen.

The goal is simple. Create a route that involves a couple of food stops along they way. These stops will be photographed, tasted, and rated (judged) for the route's winner. Naturally, there are others out there to be tasted, but for the purpose of this ride, we can declare a winner of the day. 

Our ride started early (for us) at 8:30 with the dirt Serrano Creek Trail, heading west. We picked up Jeff along Bake, navigated around a few fences, and were in the foot hills of the Laguna Wilderness Park. The climbs were challenging, especially turning our 42T chainrings, but we pushed up and over and soon met up with Travis and Kimmi who were at the Quail Hill meet up point. From there, we rode to our first sample stop: Ruby's. 

Not really known for breakfast burritos, they were selected essentially for their location related to our route. Ruby's wouldn't ever really be a burrito destination, however this particular one had a few advantages – one being it's close proximity to a good coffee and pastry spot. 


  • Good/mellow ambiance
  • Close to good coffee
  • Good hot sauce
  • Nice side of potatos
  • Takes a long time to get
  • Variety of options - turkey bacon, sausage options

While it was good, we gave them a solid 6. It was expected and fit the description of an American breakfast burrito.


Two blocks away was our second stop...


  • Ambiance = meh
  • Good salsa bar - lots of choices
  • Side of fruit and potatos was welcomed
  • Watery internals - they should drain beans

While this was a bit better and a more authentic dish, they lost points on the wateriness of the black beans, and the fact that essentially we sat in the parking lot. Their score : 7.1


From here, the group decided we needed to put a few miles down, so we headed to the Sea to Sky bike path for a spin to Back Bay, u-turned, and headed back up the path to Portola, where we visited our 3rd and final stop, La Serena. 

LA SERENA : $9.??

  • Nice outside - seating with cushions, good space between outside seating and car traffic.
  • Good burrito contents
  • NOTE : JJ prefers potatoes to rice in his burritos
  • Exceptional tortilla
  • Chips included 
  • Very good salsas

Overall : 9. It's hard not to like La Serena. They are one of the best in Orange county and offer very fresh and organic ingredients. They were unanimously our favorite, and were our winner for the day.

Tim VanGilder

mission viejo