And we’re off!

The season opener for SoCal Prestige Series was at the Whittier Narrows - a park north of Diamond Bar. It seemed nice - lots of grass with a challenging course and some natural features and even a trucked in sand pit. However, underneath that grass was a never ending, back breaking, blisters-on-the-hands causing, 2 miles of gopher bumps. 

Michelle got her first race in the elite women’s field underway and looked strong and smooth in the chunk. Her field featured a few pros - one of which is World Cup level. Even still, Michelle was the only woman to ride up the run-up and through the sand pit, earning her a well deserved banana hand-up and a 6th place finish. 

They say the pain in cross is part of the fun, and that's usually true. We like racing pain. Unfortunately, Tim struggled with the bumps in the course and after 4 laps, rolled across the finish with intense pain in his lower back and was already looking forward to techy, faster courses later this season.

Meanwhile, Wille decided to head up to Reno for Renocross - site of the National Championships in a couple years. She also had a great first race in the women’s elite field and finished 8th in another pro caliber field.

Tim VanGilder

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