As Fall approaches, and summer XC season comes to a close, we all inevitably start contemplating next season. “What races will be our A races? What new things do we want to try? What new places do we want to race in?” and “What PRs do we want to set at old favorites?” As we plan out our goals, and let’s face it, let the daydreaming begin, the next pertinent question starts creeping in…. “How do I get there?”

Troupe member Andrew “The Beav” Glaspell has been mulling these questions over, and has been excited to dive cleat-first into the beautiful world of endurance racing next year. With some hefty goals of taking on multiple 100 milers, and a few notoriously tough out-of-state races, a solid training plan to get him there would be key.

One of the first, and most important steps in kicking off any form of training is getting an honest base-line gauge of where we stand. It’s one of the best ways we can monitor our progress, and see how our bodies are responding to training. Not only does it help us see where we’re getting stronger, it also helps prevent potentially drifting into over-training, as well as set our heart-rate training zones up as we go along. Testing after a solid recovery week is key, and doing a local, repeatable trail/route is best.

Enter Labor Day. With Andrew’s 2016 XC season ending with the last Rim Nordic race, and a good week of mellow recovery spins, lots of sleep under his belt, and an extra slice of delicious pumpkin cake at a team BBQ the night before,  he opted to TT Blackstar, a local 8.5mi fire road climb in the Santa Anas. After a long warm-up, slowly getting his heart-rate from resting, up to a high Aerobic zone, he was off to do his first official base-line time-trial, and officially set the stage for what’s sure to be an exciting training season.

We love the “How we get there” aspect of racing. Part of the thrill of toeing any starting line is each athlete’s individual journey on how we’ve gotten there. So we say a heartfelt “Farewell” to 2016 XC racing, and a huge “Cheers” to what’s in store for 2017!

Happy Training Trails!

Tim VanGilder

mission viejo