This race was the final event of their series, and overall placings were on the line. As always, the course didn’t disappoint. Rim Nordic is notorious for some of the best single track race courses. They’ve got miles of it that flows between pine trees and twists through tight switchbacks. The climbs are punchy and enough to really push the efforts - especially at altitude. It's is one of our favorite venues - it’s real mountain biking, and a real test of skills.


Willie - 1st
Kimmi - 3rd
Michelle - 4th
Andrew - 2nd
Charlie - 4th
Erik - 2nd
Tim - 1st


In the women’s race, Michelle, Willie, and Kimmi battled it out one last time. All came in with good rides for the day with Willie taking the series points win, with Kimmi in 3rd and Michelle in 4th for the GC.

Erik had his best race of the series, taking his 5010 to his first 1st place finish of the year. Trouper Charlie also had a good race, riding hard in his group to finish 2nd. Tim rode a solo race and struggled for reasons unknown, but still had points to take the overall series win. 

Finally, this was Andrew’s last race this year in SoCal as he heads north to Oregon State in just a few weeks. He was happy to put in one more good ride and finish 2nd in his GC.

Troupe was in the running for the small team GC, and we finished 2nd in teams of 10 riders or smaller. 

While there are still a few of endurance events still on the calendar, our focus shifts away from the classic XC races, and more to endurance, gravel, cross, and dialing back to recover a little from an intense race season. 

Thanks to Bev Brown and the crew at Rim Nordic. This is one of the finest race series in SoCal and we’ll be back next year!

Tim VanGilder

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