This one day event includes 4 stages: a 2 mile hill climb, a super d, a dirt criterium, and an xc race. Points are awarded for placing in each, and overall podium positions are awarded. While this race is considered a special stand-alone event, final overall placings can count for the season overall. That series final event will be held August 28.

3 of the team was entered - Kimmi, Andrew, and myself (Tim), all in the Cat 1 class, with Michelle on media duty taking photos for the day.

The Hill Climb

It’s a brutal way to start the day with a 2 mile all-out climb, but it certainly woke up the legs and lungs. The distance function of our Garmins seemed to slow to a crawl around 1.8 miles. When. Will. This. End? Finally, the blue 10x10 timing tent came in to site, we crossed the finish line and paced around waiting for our lungs to stop burning. 


Once all riders were at the top of the climb, we headed back down in 30 second intervals. We rode it fast and loose. Maybe a little too fast as we all drifted a bit into the loose and deep sand on the trail's edge.

Standings after 2 events : all three Troupers were in 3rd.

The Dirt Crit

This one is fun. It’s short, fast, and tactical with laps taking about a minute each. The men’s field took off quickly and stretched out. I was able to find a fast wheel to stay with and with 3 to go, began passing up to finish 2nd. Andrew and Kimmi had similar races, and each took 3rd.

Standings after 3 events: Kimmi and Andrew in 3rd, Tim tied for 2nd. 

THE XC race

We raced an abbreviated XC course - 6.2 miles long. This meant that it would go out fast and furious - especially in the opening couple of miles that are known to be steep, punchy singletrack. I managed to keep the leaders close and in sight, and as we entered fire-road I worked with the points leader to bridge to a rider ahead. The rider I was tied with caught us and put in a super hard effort to lead into the descending singletrack and ultimately, pull away. We chased and rode faster than we’d ridden the course before. But that left no room for error and I drifted a bit and got off-line in the sand on the trail edge. With about a mile to the finish, the gap was too far to close at the speeds we were going. I chased anyway, but came in for 3rd.

Final results after 4 events : Kimmi, Andrew and Tim, 3rd.


Tim VanGilder

mission viejo