The XC race scene is flooded with look-alike teams and riders with attitudes more out of control than their abilities to ride downhill. Yeah, that’s right, we said that. Some of these teams have huge rosters with over 100 riders. Their members hardly know each other, ride together, or share a common race strategy or goal. Forget the new, lone rider looking to ride and race with a group. For some of these squads, its either pay to conform, or be forgotten. While this is good for their numbers game for participants at events, we see things differently.


Troupe Racing Company is a small, close-knit group based in Southern California. Our team is created with a nod back to mountain biking’s glory days of small teams that traveled the country in search of the perfect course. (We believe, by the way, that these days are back). We aim to resurrect the idea that riding on a team means something to it’s riders – its something to be proud of.

Along the way, we’ve met some great people who happen to be good riders. To them, we’ve extended a cycling-gloved hand of support and asked them to join us. We’ve grown our team slowly, carefully, and selectively. We believe that any new rider to the team must reflect the ideas that we built the original crew on.

While we take all this racing and riding seriously, it is all done in the name of fun. We do our best to help each other reach their personal goals. Be it nutrition, mechanics, or riding techniques, we’re a team and there to help. Those riders who think Troupe is spelled with an “i” need not apply.

Our riders like to hurt. We like training intervals, long rides at threshold, hill repeats, and the long weekends of base miles on the road or on the dirt (we prefer dirt, naturally). We thrive on the sweet anticipation of a big race, the early morning rise for a group ride, and turning on the lights for a night session.

Living in SoCal gives us the opportunity to participate in more races that you can shake a spoke at, and we hit ‘em all: 24 hour races, the U.S. Cup XC series, the Vision Quest and Counting Coup (one of the 10 hardest races in the U.S.), the Rim Nordic series – our area’s finest mountain single track racing, the amazing 12 hour SoCal Endurance series, and a host of events in between. So many races, so little time…

Some companies have gotten keen to our style and have jumped on board. To them, we say a whole-hearted “thank you”. They have added to the success of our team and we feel very honored to represent them.

For the 2016 season, many of our previous sponsors have stepped up and offered to support us for another year. We take that as and indication that we’re doing things right.

Stay tuned…